Sunday, June 27, 2010

Telugu Blogs move on..

2000+ blogs, 60+ new posts a day, 5 aggregators, 3-4 blog wars, many more battles -This is what Telugu blog world today. Though Telugu blogs are growing in both quantity and quality, little is known about Telugu blogs in the Blogosphere. This is mainly due to the absence of a vehicle which presents Telugu blogs to the English Reader. One or two attempts were made in the past, but were not continued for more than two three posts. Telugu Blog World wants to bridge this gap. 

We aim to chronicle the happenings in Telugu blogs and present it to the Blog world. We feature at least one article per week on Telugu blogs.

We have also started putting up a list of Telugu blogs. We want it to be as comprehensive as possible. You can see the list at the page "List of Telugu Blogs".

We invite your comments and suggestions.


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