Sunday, June 27, 2010

Classical Poetry Blog

Recently Telugu bloggers have witnessed vigorous activity in a new blog - Sankarabharanam. The blog is  dedicated to the traditional Telugu poetry form -Chandobaddha Padyam -metered poetry. Metered poetry is one of the oldest literary forms and major Telugu literary works of yesteryears were done in this form, but it is not widespread among the present generation. Despite this, the new blog received good number of comments.

There is a pattern for the posts on this blog. The blogger throws a riddle by giving one line of a poem and asking his readers to complete the poem rendering a specific meaning. Readers are participating actively and the Blogger is able to nurture a community around his blog.

The Blogger is a retired Telugu teacher and it looks he is enjoying the extension of his career. Good job, Kandi Sankarayya!

There are a few other blogs where metered poetry is written like Andhramrutham, Indradhanussu, Padyamanjusha, Nenu-Naa Kavitvam. There is web site dedicated to the Chandobaddha Padyam


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