Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Telangana.. Telangana!

Telangana is one of the hot favorite topics of Telugu bloggers. Understandably so! Andhra Pradesh is passing through one of its most trying times. A prolonged agitation is going on for bifurcating the State and to carve out the new state of Telangana. The Telugu people are polarized along the pro and anti bifurcation. Telugu bloggers are also divided along the same lines. Many bloggers voiced their opinions as and when a new issue is thrown up. 

Currently, 10 State Legislative Assembly constituencies in Telangana, are going to polls in July. (Update: Two more are added after the court ruling on Jun30.) The vacancies have arisen because the legislators of TRS party - the chief agitator  - resigned as part of their agitation. Since the other parties' legislators did not resign, TRS argues that these parties have no moral right to participate in the elections. The other parties -Congress and TDP - are firm to participate and strive to defeat TRS -albeit in the interest of a separate Telangana.

Surprisingly, Telugu bloggers did not write much about these elections. But for a few posts here and there, the Blog world is nearly silent. Here is an anti Congress, TDP post written by We3Ours3. The blogger warns these parties  'you don't have a place in these constituencies'. Saamaanyudu gave a call to boycott the electionsWe can expect  more posts in the coming weeks. 

We will keep you updated.


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