Monday, July 5, 2010

Telugu Blog Aggregators

Telugu blogs are growing in numbers. There are several aggregators which capture the feed from these blogs and present to the readers promptly.

Following are the details of the aggregators.

Koodali ( This is the oldest Blog aggregator on the scene. Veeven is the owner and Administrator of Koodali. Started in 2006, Koodali dominated the aggregator scene, and it continues to do so. Pleasing User interface is the most important positive aspect of Koodali. Being the long standing player in the field, it is the most widely used aggregator. But it lacks a few important features: Delay in appearance of the posts and comments. There is a huge lag of upto one hour before a new post appears on Koodali. This is the biggest drawback of Koodali. It uses Python based Planet feed reader software. Koodali constitutes for about 50% of the total aggregator traffic to the blogs.

Telugu Bloggers ( was started almost at the same time as Koodali. It was setup by Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni. He is the least visible owner of all the aggrgators. He never really put explicit efforts to make it popular, which is, perhaps, the reason for its less popularity. It runs on Wordpress.

Jalleda ( Jalleda was started in 2007 and is the first to show individual statistics regarding the posts and comments. The people behind this aggregator are not known. There are many technical issues with this browser, mainly because of the huge amount of database calls that it makes. perhaps, it is time they moved to a virtual hosting, if not a dedicated hosting. Jalleda is also slow to capture latest posts and comments. One annoying issue with jalleda is that the comments appear repeatedly. When you go the the Author comments page, this repetition increases telescopically, if not exponentially. The first comment appears once, the second one twice, third one thrice,.. etc. It needs a correction immediately.

Haaram ( Haaram came into being in 2009. This is the only aggregator which runs on Microsoft technology. This is probably the fastest of all the aggregators. Bhaskararami Reddy is the man behind this site. Haaram is one of the fastest to show the posts and comments; they appear almost immediately.

Malika ( Malika is probably the fastest to show the latest posts and comments. This aggregator is the outcome of a tussle between Koodali and a few bloggers. When Koodali expressed inclination towards blocking some blogs based on the content, there was opposition from few people. That opposition led to the evolution of Malika which is a collective effort of Bharadwaja Velamakanni, Ekalingam and others.

Besides the above, there are two other aggregators:
A2Z Dreams ( by Haranadh Kandulapati
Telugu Web Media ( by Praveen Mandangi

There used to be another Aggregator -, which ran for more than a year from 2006. It was shut down after the untimely demise of Kalyan, one of its promoters. Kalyan started a Tamil blog aggregator which too was closed.

As the Telugu blogging is still in its infancy, the aggregators continue to capture all the new posts and comments, and the readers are able to see their favorite blogs without missing any. But, when the number of blogs increases beyond these levels, the latest posts move down fast and disappear quickly from the page, and readers will lose site of their favorite blogs. To counter this, aggregators need to come out with user-customizable reading lists. Or, users should move to personal feed readers like Google Reader.


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