Sunday, July 4, 2010

A blog with a genuine purpose

There are blogs which publish commentaries on politics, current events or contemporary issues. There are blogs which present poetry or film reviews. There are blogs, dedicated to media watch and some dedicated to an ideology and some to IT. Today, we introduce a blog, dedicated to Science.

Science articles are rare in Telugu. Great writers of yesteryear like Mahidhara Nalinimohana Rao wrote several books on Science. Very few Science books or articles are written presently, almost non existent in blogs. Sastravigjnanam stepped in to fill this gap. Run by three young men, the blog presents several articles on Science, popular Science, scientific temperament etc in crisp Telugu. The blog features stories based on Science, as well.  One of the bloggers, Srinivasa Chakravarthy, wrote several books on Science in Telugu.

The quality of language used in the blog is of high quality. Some Science terms in English are used as is, untranslated. Wherever translated, the translations are apt and precise.

With about 300 posts, the blog is a wealth of Science articles in Telugu. Kudos to the Bloggers!


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